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Best of Are Cynthia And Peter Still Married coupon. Cynthia has accepted that their marriage has not been perfect. Are Peter and Cynthia still together?

And yes, there is still love there.

Cynthia Bailey delivered a troubling update on her five-year marriage to Peter Thomas this week. "Peter and I are not in a great place right now "We've never been married outside of the show," she added. "And I don't think that's helped us.

'RHOA' Star Cynthia Bailey Addresses Rumors of Marriage ...
'RHOA' Star Cynthia Bailey Addresses Rumors of Marriage ... Step by step (Tillie Rhodes)
Cynthia has accepted that their marriage has not been perfect. Always on the go, Cynthia faces challenges of raising a teen daughter and is surprised by others that are not supportive of her choices. We Are Still Married: Stories & Letters is a collection of short stories and poems by Garrison Keillor, including several set in the fictitious heartland town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota.

Cynthia Bailey looked stunning and kept her cool when she crashed the opening of ex-husband Peter Thomas' new Charlotte hot spot ClubOne earlier this season of The Real But Cynthia said that even though she and Peter were going through a divorce, she still wanted to support him, as well as her.

Are RHOA Cynthia and her husband still together?

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Cynthia and Peter throw a party they can't afford, and Peter and Cynthia's sister go some more rounds. -- When Peter seizes the mic to make an announcement and a toast, he takes several digs at Mallory in front of the whole party.

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Cynthia Bailey began divorce proceedings against husband Peter as The Real Housewives Of Atlanta on Sunday kicked off its ninth season.

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Cynthia tells Peter she doesn't feel like they've grown any closer since then. "I just know that I'm unhappy," she says. "And what I equate to being "As far as Cynthia and Peter go, I don't think that reality TV played a part in their relationship at all," Porsha continued. "They have a pretty strong.

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If I were Cynthia, I would have been pissed, but she just rolled.

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Cynthia Bailey and her husband, Peter Thomas, talk about whether they should try to save their Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Cynthia and Peter Decide Whether to End Their Marriage. "This relationship is a little different because this time you got married." For her part, Cynthia admitted "the.

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To be frank; yes - Cynthia caught him with Yoko whilst Cynthia and John were still married.

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Peter Thomas is one lucky guy, and he knows it.

The love triangle between Peter, Wendy, and Cynthia was the fodder for the gossips in 'Frank' magazine. As the couple tries to figure out what to do next, Cynthia has made it clear that Peter will always be a part of her life. While we knew Peter and Cynthia were separated after six years of marriage, we Peter apologized to Cynthia because he shouldn't have put his hands on the woman's neck the While he loved being married to Cynthia, he said he doesn't think Cynthia fully embraced the marriage because she had.